Tuesday, June 19, 2012

 As they rolled across the great expanse of Texas, Lane thought of how he had come to be an agency employee. He had not been in the military, had no law enforcement experience, nor had he ever been involved in the intelligence community. The agency had contacted him in the summer of 2008 while he was employed by a small trucking company in southern Tennessee.

 He had worked for Universal Freight as an over the road driver for almost 3 years when the agency first contacted him. It was an unconventional job offer at best. He had just finished his shower in a truck stop in Temple, Texas and was walking back through the dimly lit parking lot to his old "Freight Shaker" rig. As he stepped out from between two trailers on the row of trucks facing his, a black suv rounded the corner and started down the aisle.
 He didn't think much of it as the police constantly cruised through this particular truck stop quite often in hopes of catching a "lot lizard", or prostitute in trucker slang, plying her trade. But this suv was acting strange. It wasn't taking its time like they normally did,but rather was accelerating to at least thirty miles per hour as it came toward him. It screeched to a stop right in front of him and before the sound of the tires screeching stopped, the two passenger side doors opened and two large men jumped out and grabbed him.
 Lane swung and caught the first one on the chin with a huge roundhouse that nearly dropped him to the ground,but to his surprise, the man didn't go down. Instead he came back with a jab of his own that connected with Lane's nose and brought tears to his eyes. Before he could clear his vision, he felt two little pricks in his left side and a sudden electric shock that brought him to his knees in convulsions.
 He realized he had been hit with a taser and was alert enough to know that he was quickly being loaded in the suv and kidnapped. But why? He quickly ran through a list of people who might be mad at him and want to kidnap him, but he couldn't think clearly enough to sort it out.

 As the vehicle sped out of the parking lot and onto the interstate, he made mental notes of their direction of travel and tried to guess about how fast they were going. He had never had any special training in escape and evasion tactics, but he had seen enough movies to know that he needed to keep track of his approximate location so that he would know which way to run if he should get the chance. He knew that they were headed North on I-35  for now.
 As the vehicle continued up the highway,he guessed their speed to be around eighty miles per hour. These guys were really flying up through here. He had passed several state troopers scattered through this area less than an hour before, surely one of them would pull these guys over and he would get a chance to get away.
 But as he slid to a fully upright position in the middle seat between two men, he watched as a state trooper allowed them to race by uncontested.
 "What is going on here?" He asked himself. That trooper never even gave us a second glance. He should be writing them a ticket at this speed. "Who are these guys that the cops don't mess with them?"
 "Hey,what do ya'll want with me?" He asked. "If it's money, I'm afraid you picked the wrong guy for that. I'm broke and I ain't got anybody I can call to get any large amount from, so ransom is out."
 "We don't want your money Mr. Rogers. You'll find out soon enough why your here."  "Why else could you possibly want to kidnap me out of a parking lot? What else besides money could you possibly hope to gain?"
 "Everything will be explained to you shortly. For now,just sit back and enjoy the ride."  "Where are you taking me? Who are you? The cops didn't bother to stop you and you're doing twenty miles per hour over the speed limit. Am I under arrest?"  "We will explain everything back at the office in just a few minutes. Just calm down and everything will be alright. We don't want to hurt you and we aren't kidnapping you."  "You don't want to hurt me?" He asked incredulously. You just hit me with a stun gun so hard I nearly crapped myself. My side feels like someone parked a Volkswagen in it,but you don't want to hurt me."  "You hit one of our men. We had to put you in a position to where you couldn't hurt us."  "Well hell yeah I hit him. He was trying to grab me in a parking lot and take me against my will. That's kidnapping,no matter how you spin it."  "Look, I'm sorry how we had to take you,but it was necessary as you will see in just a few more minutes."  "Yeah,well how bout you pull this thing over and let me out. I'll take you on one at a time and hand you a whuppin that you're grandkids will feel."  "Mr. Rogers, please remain calm for just a few more minutes,or we will have to tase you again."  "That's another thing. How do you know my name?"  "We know everything Mr. Rogers."  "Yeah,well you better start letting me know something or your buddy here is gonna get his blocked knocked off again."  "Sir! I have asked you to calm down. If you make one hostile move I will have you tased to the point of total immobility! Now,sit down and shut up!"  They rode in quiet for several minutes and then took an unlit exit to an FM road out into the country. They drove approximately ten miles into the bare wilderness of Texas. The driver slowed and turned into an old dirt driveway that wound through a stand of trees and down into a bottom. Lane's heart and stomach were in knots as they came to a stop in front of an old farmhouse.

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