Sunday, June 24, 2012

"So, you think that I can help fight the war on terror? You truly believe that a nobody from a small town in North Alabama could possibly make a difference against these people? I just don't see how that could even be possible Mr. Jackson." "Please, call me Tony, Mr. Jackson is my father. We believe that you could help us teach our men how to spot the terrorist hijackers before they could get to our drivers. We had cameras and all kinds of hi tech tracking equipment on our trucks on this last run, but it was all no use. Our men never saw them coming and they were able to steal our trucks and kill two of our best agents. We need your help Lane." "And if I say no Tony, what then?" "Well, obviously you can never be allowed to tell anyone of this meeting. We would have to take preventive measures to ensure that." "You mean you would have to make me disappear, is that what you are saying to me?" "That is exactly what I am saying. In fact, we have already started making that process happen. Ten minutes after you were picked up by our men, the small camp stove you keep in your truck for cooking purposes ignited a fire which completely destroyed your truck and burned it to the ground. Your body will be found inside by the fire marshall when they finish putting out the flames." "What? You burned down my rig, and planted a body inside it to look like I caused a fire? You're crazy!" "No matter what your answer is to me, we had to make it look like you died in the fire. If you refuse our offer, then we will have to dispose of you, but even if you accept it, you have to drop completely off the face of the earth and become a ghost." "So, what's next Tony? Are you going to put a bullet in my head and bury me out here?" "No, that is not our plan. We carefully selected you out of thousands of candidates. You have no living relatives, which means no one will come looking for you. We fully expect you to accept our offer. IF you do, you will never want for anything again. You will never have to wonder about job security, or retirement. You will have everything you could ever want." "Yeah, everything except a normal life! I don't know, man this is totally crazy!" "Look, Lane, I know this is a hard choice to make, but we need you. If it wasn't so important to us, we would never have taken the measures we have to ensure your cooperation. Please, consider what I am offering you before you make your choice. I will give you an hour to think this over, in the mean time, one of men will bring you some dinner." Jackson opened the door and stepped out of the room leaving Lane speechless and bewildered. What should he do? If he didn't take this mans offer, they would surely kill him, and if he did, he was dead to the rest of the world. That shouldn't be a new feeling to him. He had been dead to the world for a long time now. He was just an employee number to his boss and he had no friends, and as Jackson had said, he had no living relatives to speak of. Oh, he had a few cousins somewhere, but he hadn't spoken to them in years, and none of them had ever gone pout of their way to talk to him either. If he took this job, he would have an opportunity to make a difference in the world. If only he knew exactly what this mans agenda was. He knew he had to take the offer, but it just didn't sit right, the way they kidnapped him and brought him here. Oh well, he didn't have many options at the moment. He would eat the dinner and then talk to Tony and tell him, that he would take the job.

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