Sunday, June 24, 2012

As Lane continued to drive East on I-10 he and Justin kept a constant watch of the vehicles around them. They were constantly checking their mirrors and camera monitors to make sure that there were no vehicles that were maintaining the same speed as they were or following their movements through the light morning traffic. They also knew that the task force in Langley would be keeping a close eye on the traffic both through their camera monitors and using satellite imagery. It was good to know that they had someone else watching them as they made this run, Lane thought to himself. He knew how bad it would be if this cargo were to fall into the wrong hands. They had picked up this load in New Mexico, not at a warehouse or industrial facility, or even in a town. This load had come from a top secret government research facility in the desert just across the state line from El Paso. The facility was housed entirely underground and less than sixty people, including the employees who worked there even knew it existed. This facility specialized in analyzing new forms of biological weapons that the U.S. government had seized from terrorists during raids on their training camps around the world. Anthrax had been chemically analyzed here, as well as many other chemical and viral weapons. This one was by far the worst and most dangerous weapon ever confiscated. It had been retrieved from a terrorist training facility in Afghanistan only three months ago, and the scientists at the lab had determined that it was the most deadly virus they had ever come in contact with. It was so extremely potent that it killed its victims within thirty six hours of exposure and there was no vaccine. They named the virus ID77 for the HIV virus from which it was derived. No one had ever seen an aids virus that was so potent or deadly. It was totally immune to any drugs that the government had developed so far. Jackson's task force had been given the job of delivering the virus to the port in Mobile, Alabama where a government freighter would deliver it to a scientific colony in Peru. The scientists there wanted to experiment with it in a local species of monkey they had found which was immune to the common strain of HIV found in humans. Lane knew that this virus could not fall into the hands of anyone who might use it against humanity, he also knew that the terrorist group they had stolen the virus from was bound to still be looking for it. This group he knew all too well. First Strike was the latest organization to fall into the CIA's top ten security threats to the U.S. and had already proven that they could and would operate on American soil. Less than a year ago they had claimed responsibility for a bombing in Atlanta, Georgia which had claimed seventy three lives and wounded over a hundred others. These people didn't care about innocent civilians and their target in Atlanta only proved that. They had bombed a middle school at 2:55 pm on a Friday afternoon. Almost every child was present as well as all of the staff, plus most of the parents who were picking their children up. They claimed that it was to send a message to the United States that they would do whatever it took to make the government pull all of its military and para-military sources back inside the borders. The two men who executed the bombing were killed in the blast and the internet broadcast which announced responsibility was filmed the day before by the two men and set to be emailed to the major news networks on a timer. No arrests were ever made and there were no leads to follow. First Strike had proven that they were deadly and that they were very good at covering all traces to their leadership.

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