Friday, July 13, 2012

The first shot glanced off the left corner of Lane's windshield as his truck screamed past the sniper. The second one came whizzing through the cab at a back to front angle nearly catching his hand on the gearshift. His breath was coming in short huffs as his hands and feet worked together to keep the big machine on the road and gaining speed. He knew he wouldn't be able to dodge a rifle bullet, but he could get just as much of his truck between him and the shooter as he could, to try to keep from being wounded. As he shifted into the last gear on the big truck's 18 speed transmission, he fumbled for his CB mic to talk to Justin. "Hey! You okay back there?" He was practically screaming into the mic. Relief flooded him when Justin,s voice came over the radio, "Yeah I think I'm cl..argh!" The .50 caliber slug ripped through the flesh on his right side and slammed through the instrument panel on the dash. The impact of the slug had nearly thrown him into the windshield, and a hot searing pain ran down his rib cage. Every alarm in his truck was screaming at him warning him of mechanical failures and his body felt light and weak. "What happened?...Justin!" Lane's voice clearly relayed his fear to Tony and the other agents in Langley. "Lane," Justin's voice was shaky. "I've been hit!" "How badly Justin? Where and how bad?" "It ripped through my right side, in and out and tore up my damn truck!" Lane was worried and downright scared as he snapped, "I don't care about that truck! How bad are you hit?" Justin's voice was quiet as he said "I'm bleeding pretty bad Lane, but I can make it. We can't stop here, not now." Lane didnt want to agree with him, but he knew that Justin was right. This country was wide open and stopping within a mile of that sniper would be a death sentence for both of them. "Tony, how far out is the tactical team?" Lane was getting testy now. The tactical unit was running behind and had left them unprotected. "Lane,they are twenty minutes from your location,and air support will be there in twelve." "That's not fast enough Tony! Justin's down, hes not going to be able to drive that truck much further before he passes out from blood loss!" "Can you get to some type of cover? A building,or something to hide in?" "Hide from what? Those rounds ripped through these trucks like they were wet paper sacks! Those were military grade, armor piercing rounds!" "Okay, you make the call on what to do for Justin, you're in the field,you make the call." "Justin,can you make it ten more minutes?" "I think so, I'm hurting pretty bad, but I don't feel like I'm dying yet." The evident pain in the young man's voice was extremely evident as Lane considered his options.

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